Celebrity Look Alikes – 1

by CIB

Stars Who Look Like Icons from the Past

Tony Curtis – Robert Downey Jr.

‘Some Like It Hot’ star Tony Curtis and Robert Downey Jr. could be brothers from different eras.

Look Alikes Tony Curtis and Robert Downey Jr.

James Dean – Brad Pitt

The silver screen legend James Dean has an uncanny resemblance to Brad Pitt.

Look Alikes James Dean and Brad Pitt

Errol Flynn – Kevin Kline

The legendary Errol Flynn looks exactly like Oscar winner Kevin Kline.

Look Alikes Errol Flynn and Kevin Kline

Cary Grant – George Clooney

Forties Hollywood hunk Cary Grant looks like today’s Hollywood hunk George Clooney.

Look Alikes Cary Grant and George Clooney

Rock Hudson – Patrick Warburton

‘Pillow Talk’ star Rock Hudson had the same manly-man features as actor Patrick Warburton.

Look Alikes Rock Hudson and Patrick Warburton

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